SD3 Mixed Media Artist + Designer

  • Owner & Visual Artist
  • Albany, NY

" What a beautiful ART it is to Saunter " -Thoreau

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My art strives to give back. It’s just how I ROLL… My creations are visually relaxing, eloquent, fierce and most of all, proud. Most of all, my style which is the gumption behind all these works is a desire for them to activate more than one or two senses. Overall, I have been able to accomplish this most effectively through vision and touch.

This creative manifesto of sorts bleeds over and breathes life into my progression as an installation and graphic designer. In an effort to reach our next generation of superstars, creators, innovators and leaders; I have been working on a series of books for youth aimed not only towards community building, but imagination nurturing as well. Connected communities that praise creative though tend to produce positive possibilities far beyond the limits of previous generations. Ultimately, when working with me, my goal is to always provide my clients, peers and students with more than ever expected.

I remember the words of a wise woman who said, “If you have you give and if you know, you teach”. That memory has candidly stuck with me for some time and has become the cornerstone of my ambition to become an arts educator.

These dynamic facets of my creative being require continuous reinvention, reorganization and reinvestment which to me are the keys to maintaining relevance. Regardless of the subject matter, what I aim to exude and deliver most in whatever I create, is a forever enlightening piece of me , to you. I really want to pay it forward.

Samuel {SD3} Davis


National Baptist Convention USA Inc, Enoch Davis Center, SAS NC State University, Metropolitan NTM Baptist Church, Greater University, Well Being HC Services, Success Mechanic, Custom Dezigns Stylist, Sensational Hair Salon, Madd Teez, Conkrete Tatz, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, Jumpie Playce Party & Fun Center


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