Photography (People)

My specialty beyond the shadow of a doubt is getting the most out of my models and clients. I match the importance of any shoot with 100% energy, excitement and encouragement. I love to create unconventional and unique angles that speak to the spirit and character of the subject. I aim to give my clients a voice that projects well beyond the limits of a still photography. I affirm that great photos are made not simply taken. I am very critical of my art and my clients respectively. I was formally trained on various film and digital cameras but over the years Nikon to me, has separated itself from the pack. Consequently, I have stayed within the Nikon family ever since. I shoot almost exclusively with my Nikon D40x (She’s been my Workhorse for over 8 years) accompanied by varied lenses and camera bodies depending on the subject’s needs.

  • Type photography, black & white film, darkroom development, darkroom manipulation, post-process editing, nikon fm 2 semi-professional film camera
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Fall 2011 Photoshoot w/Raquel. Digital Photography.

"Brotherly Love" Nikon d40x 18-55mm